Austin has always harbored a love of the sea, ecology and the culture of tropical islands. Growing up in Miami, he spent a good deal of his boyhood building small woodworking projects in his garage on his own. College led him out west and then on to Mexico where he studied Marine Ecology in the Gulf of California. Like a mangrove, his roots were in the water, so after school he made his way back east and worked on boats from Maine to the Bahamas. His fascination with functional arts evolved from boat building into furniture. He attended the North Bennet Street School in Boston, Massachusetts, where he learned the skills to create furniture to meticulous standards using traditional methods. He is fascinated with esoteric styles, primarily Colonial West Indian furniture. Austin is the owner of Fine Handmade Furniture in Miami. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture and a visiting faculty member at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine.



After graduating from Kalamazoo College, Miles taught English at Miami Beach Senior High. Over the summers, he worked for Round Tuit carpentry, where he developed a love for working with wood and honed his craft. In 2004, he decided to create his own company, Miles of Wood, specializing in finish carpentry and custom furniture. His base at the Splinter Gallery Woodshop, alongside master craftsmen like Ric Orgaz and Simon Hibbit, allowed him to expand his knowledge of wood, jointery, sawyering, and finish work. He built up a sizable team and is able to work on projects commissioned by architects, designers, landscape architects, and clients that range in size and scope. Miles is admired for his ability to build with wood in a visionary style. He creates everything from unique designs inspired by the materials to massive architectural installations that flow seamlessly into their appointed setting. When not covered in hardwood sawdust, Miles can be found riding around on seven-ply maple with his daughters.

Lucas Coffield

Lucas Coffield,

Growing up in Palm Beach, Lucas Coffield cultivated an eye for elegance and a love of the outdoors. He studied at the University of Miami, where he majored in Marine Science. During his studies, Lucas found a creative outlet in the art of glass blowing and developed a penchant for fine craftsmanship. Post-graduation he was without access to a glass studio, so he turned his attention to leather and immersed himself in learning the traditional methods of the craft. He began creating his own pieces and started Lucas Coffield Leather. Each of his designs are available in an array of the finest materials. He makes and stitches each piece by hand to create objects of exceptional quality and elegance. Lucas works with clients to create bespoke designs that are tailored to suit lifestyle and personality.

Abby Kunhardt Zinn

Abby Kunhardt Zinn,

As a child, Abby Kunhardt Zinn was fascinated by her mother’s pillow-making business. Over the years, this interest grew into a full fledged passion for textile design. After several years living in New York City, Abby and her husband moved to West Palm Beach. A Pre-K teacher, Abby decided to take time off after the birth of her first daughter and begin printing pillows. Her vibrant tropical prints were an immediate success and what started out as a hobby quickly turned into a dedicated enterprise. Encouraged by her mother, Abby decided to launch her own textile company, Palm Beach Prints. She has since expanded her collection to include hand-painted canvas bags, upholstery fabric and baby clothes. Abby's unique designs are inspired by the ocean, native flora and fauna, the culture and fashion of Palm Beach and coastal enclaves around the world.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson,

As the son of a Palm Beach builder and avid fisherman, Andrew learned to love building and boats at a young age. He grew up enamored with Florida's natural surroundings and was fascinated by building things with organic materials. After finishing his degree in Furniture Design and Manufacturing at the College for Creative Studies, he founded Bent Tree Studio, where he turned his attention to studio furniture, marine casework and fine cabinetry. His attention to structural integrity, sustainable practices and fine craftsmanship have earned him a reputation for excellence in the industry. He works with architects, artists, and designers from concept to production to build custom cabinetry and studio furniture of the highest calibre.

Olin Hershberger

Olin Hershberger,

Olin’s love of metal working runs deep. As a boy raised in the mountains of Nevada, Olin was lucky enough to live next to an old blacksmith’s forge. Though he was strictly forbidden to sneak in there, it became his secret spot and he credits playing with all the old metal tools and scrap as the spark for his interest in metalworking. When his family moved down the street from a welder's shop, he continued studying metal working technique. He began apprenticing professionally in high school and decided to pursue a career in the craft of metal working. Olin opened up his shop in 2004, where he works in traditional and modern methods of forging, fabricating and welding. He makes everything from sculpture to architectural installations to furniture. Olin works with artists and designers to create custom designs made with exceptional attention to detail.