India Foster creates furniture and objects for the home under the moniker Shizen Studio, which she founded in 2020. In Japanese, shizen means nature. Inspired by her surroundings, she designs using natural materials that speak to her about the place. Foster works slowly and intentionally to evoke the history and beauty hidden within the material while creating a dynamic new form. She traces the inherent features with graceful proportions, clean lines, and subtle curves. Her organic designs encourage people to appreciate the beauty of their natural world in their everyday life.

With over 15 years as an interior designer at her family firm, Leta Austin Foster & Associates, Foster is known for her sophisticated, timeless style. She takes a holistic view of the built environment, using only carefully sourced materials and transparent fabrication practices. Her projects have been published in Veranda, Elle Decor, Traditional Home and House Beautiful. She holds a bachelor’s degree in History and Literature from Franklin University Switzerland. She is a member of the Female Design Council and the Good Future Design Alliance. Foster is also a passionate conservationist and avid surfer.